Tailor made orchid subscriptions for people to always have orchids and never have waste.


A not-so-small problem

Understand the impact of the orchid waste
Waste of a grown plant

90% of orchids are thrown away after the first flowering circle.

Waste of resources

Each orchid takes 3 litres of water and 2,16kg of CO2 since they need to grow inside of greenhouses for one and a half years until their first bloom.

A break in the cycle

Orchids have the capacity to re-bloom at least 5 times without loosing any aspect of their beauty. They actually become more abundant!

Rethink your way around flowers

Our concept presents a new, alternative and sustainable product in the flower market, with the potential to completely reshape the flower industry and the way consumers relate to flowers.


Our Solution

Increasing circularity, one orchid at a time

Orchids As a Service

Clients sign up for a monthly subscription and we exchange the orchids at the end of each 3 month flowering cycle.

Our Costumers are a part of the orchid’s lifecycle.


As sustainable as possible

After collection, the orchids are submitted to our Refurbishing Method to re-bloom, which takes 6 months instead of 1,5 years.

Clients will never waste an orchid again and we can save the planet’s resources at every cycle.


Tailor made subscriptions

Clients are free to choose  how many flowers they want, in single or multiple colors, from three to unlimited cycles.


Continuous flowers

For being so special, orchids indeed take their time to bloom.

With our solution we do the waiting and you enjoy the flowers, always!

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Our supporters

LEADER is a rural development grant program specifically designed for small-scale projects of interest to the Holland Rijnland region. The program is coordinated by LEADER Local Action Group and supported by the province of South Holland, the municipality of Nieuwkoop and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The Circular Orchids project was approved by the LEADER Local Action Group.

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